Walkin’ in a Wildcat Wonderland… (gifts for the UK fan in your life)

The holiday season is finally here! This just happens to be my favorite time of year: the decorations, the parties, twinkling lights, the Christmas station on my Pandora account, time with family, tacky sweaters, holiday-themed Glee episode, and one of the best parts, even though we all know it isn’t the real reason for the season, gifts. The list could go on forever.  Who doesn’t love it all? For most of us, we only have one thing standing in our way.  FINALS. Even though studying for your tests should be the main worry occupying your time, I suggest a little shopping trip as a study break! You must pick up all your gifts before you head home! To save you some time, I have created a list of gifts that every friend or family member of a Wildcat would love to receive!
Start your morning off right with a little Wildcat love.
These slippers would even make Snooki jealous!
Spice up your dinnertime routine with UK salt and pepper shakers!
Nap time just got way more fun!
You’ll have sweet Wildcat dreams with your UK Snuggie!
Even your phone should be game day ready!
I mean, who doesn’t want to look like Scratch?
Grill set for your dad. Perfect for tailgating!
Pamper your pooch with Wildcat gear.
No garden is complete without a UK gnome.

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