How many people actually read this thing?

So, the other day I was thinking (probably a bad idea) about how many people actually read this blog? The K Bookers pour their emotions into this thing, but for who? I’ve decided to find out.

Finals are, unfortunately, coming up. It’s time to eat Cliff bars for breakfast…and lunch…. and a big sloppy burrito for dinner. It’s time to stay up way too late and see just how little sleep you need to survive. Most importantly, it’s time to see just how creative you are in becoming a hermit and how good you are at finding a secret little nook to study the day away in. I must admit, I’m pretty dang good. As a part of my research on our readers, I’ve decided to tell you about my favorite little hermitages. If they’re crowded in the coming weeks, I’ll 1) be really ticked off that I told people about them but 2) be happy that people are actually reading this junk. So. Here it goes:

1) The M.I. King Library Geology Floor

Get on the elevator in M.I. King and press 4R. Yes, it will take you past the recently renovated floor full of comfy chairs and study rooms…but it will deliver you to a studier’s paradise – a quiet, dimly lit floor with windows to watch the December rain and huge tables to spread all of your ideas out on.

2) The William T. Young Library Newspaper Reading Room

Imagine one of the “reading rooms” on the 5th floor shrunken to about 1/10 of the size and you’ve got the Kentucky Newspaper Reading Room. It’s tucked away on the second floor right above the University Drive entrance so you think this place would be obvious. Nope. It’s not. It’s quiet with huge windows to watch those jerks who don’t take tests frolic and be merry.

3) The Lucile Little Fine Arts Library

This one isn’t that hidden at all, just underused. Wide open spaces to study in. It’s usually open til midnight giving you an ample amount of time to be very productive. The window thing applies here too.

4) Chandler Hospital Lobby

If one of your finals is a research paper or a poem or a test that you need inspiration for in order to complete, check out the multi-million dollar hospital we just built. This place is begging for someone to study in it. TONS of comfortable chairs, a few tables, ambient piano music, a waterfall and a security guard to throw out those who get too loud. Go here.

5) The Medical Center Library

Apparently medical students need their own library or something. If you’re looking to get some stuff done before midnight, you can use it too! It’s located in the medical school on the first floor right across from the elevators. NO WINDOWS. NO TALKING. They’re serious there.

There. You’ve got ’em. My secret spots. If I see you there I might thank you for contributing to my research right before asking you to leave…after all, they’re my spots.


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